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Our Journey To Dana - Introduction

Our decision to adopt was easy for us because we have several incredible adopted relatives in our family. Building a family through adoption is an amazing and wonderful thing!!!!! We decided we wanted a beautiful Asian daughter and started our adoption journey in the country of Vietnam. We had all of our paperwork completed for the adoption when we received the devastating news that Vietnam had temporarily closed its doors to adoption and no one could tell us when adoptions might resume. With this sad news, we contacted Dr. Jane Aronson, a specialist in the field of International Pediatric Medicine to see what other countries she might recommend. She was extremely helpful to us and suggested we call World Partners Adoption Agency operated by Cindy and Jim Harding because they had a wonderful program in the country of Kazakhstan where there are many gorgeous Asian children available for adoption. We quickly contacted the Hardings and our journey to Dana began. We flew down to Atlanta, Georgia for one day to attend a reunion of adoptive parents held by World Partners Adoption in October.The reunion was a spectacular event. We saw hundreds of beautiful children from Kazakhstan who were united with their forever families. We met the Kazakhstan facilitators (the people that work in Kazakhstan arranging the adoptions) and we also met many adoptive families who shared their terrific stories with us. The reunion was an extremely moving event and one that convinced us that World Partners was the right agency for us. The Hardings  have two lovely children adopted from Kazakhstan and all of their wonderful adoption coordinators are adoptive families also. Our adoption coordinator is Donna Radliff.  She is a sweet person and has been  wonderfully supportive through our adoption process.

The emotions we felt when we first saw the picture and video of our adorable angel were overwhelming. We were shaking, crying and deliriously happy. God had sent us this perfect little miracle and we will be forever grateful.We are proudly committed to this child and will provide her with our unconditional love and support so that she may become all that she can be. We want to thank our fabulous family members who have held our hands through this journey, our incredible friends and fellow workers who have encouraged us along the way, the many terrific adoptive families  who have given us advice and inspired us, and of course, Dr. Aronson and the caring staff at World Partners Adoption.

Our journey to our little daughter begins and we can't wait!!!!

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