Friday, September 5th

We had a wonderful surprise today! We were permitted to visit Dana twice  - once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Dana’s adorable personality is emerging more and more each day. Dana is usually very serious and alert and loves to explore. You really to have to work hard to make her smile but when she does, her smile makes your heart sing. It is magical. Dana’s caretaker says that Dana is much like her new parents in personality and looks because she has his cheeks and has big eyes like Donna. We met two other couples who are adopting baby boys during our afternoon visit, one couple from Michigan and one couple from Texas. We also had an opportunity today to ask all of Dana’s caretakers questions about her health and habits. We were able to speak to them through a translator. The caretakers told us that Dana seemed very happy with her new parents. They told us that Dana loved attention so having us fuss over her for the last two weeks has been most enjoyable for her. They also said that she loves to be held and cuddled and we have found this to be true.

The other children in the Babyhouse were outside playing again today. These children are so beautiful that you want to hug and squeeze them. You can see in  their eyes how very much they crave affection and we  can only hope that a special family waits for each one. It is times like this that we wish we could win the lottery and bring them all home. The caretakers are gentle and loving with the children, but we wish that someday each one of these children can know the love, nurturing, support and opportunities that await them in a happy family. We are especially touched by an adorable baby boy with a cleft lip and palate. This little boy has blond hair and gorgeous sky blue eyes. He is such a happy little boy and when you smile at him he smiles back at you with the sweetest little face. We wish we could bring him back with us and give him the surgery that he needs. We are so thankful for the people in the world who adopt children with special needs! We consider them heroes! It has been very emotional for us to see these little faces each day and think that there are so many children all over the world without families. Our adoption journey has really made us appreciate our lives and our parents more than ever. Families are wonderful!!