Tuesday, September 2nd

Dana keeps getting cuter and cuter everyday!  When her caretaker, Maigul, brings her to us, Dana smiles when she sees us and reaches out for us to hold her. She has the most adorable chubby cheeks that we love to kiss. Today we were permitted to take Dana outside. The weather here in Almaty has been simply gorgeous since weíve arrived. Itís very warm and sunny! Many of the children from the Babyhouse were outside today and we had a great opportunity to see their precious faces and interact with them a little. The babies are kept in cribs in a shaded area. The caretakers take turns pushing them in strollers or carriages. Some of the babies whiz around the grounds in walkers tied together with material. It is a funny sight but it is the only way that the caretakers can keep them together.

The two year olds are beyond darling. They loved to take your hand and walk with you. They laughed when we gently stroked their faces and tickled them. Their caretakers lined them up by the flowers so that we could take a photo of them.We also played with our travel partnerís sonís group. They are the oldest group and are very sweet. We fell in love with a little girl named Makharpat. She loves to sing and dance. For those of you who may not know, Donna owns dance studios so this litttle girl was particularly special to us. She loved to walk with us and hold our hands and Donna spent about twenty minutes sitting down on the stoop with her , kissing and cuddling her. The scene was simply wonderful. Donna had Dana in one arm and Makharpat in the other and she was hugging them both so tightly! We found out that Makharpat is not available for adoption because a relative of hers comes to visit her once in a while.What a shame!! If any relative of a child shows up even once a year,the child cannot be adopted. This is so sad because this little girl and so many like her are desperate for the love of a family. Weíre not quite sure what would have happened if she were available for adoption. We are only approved for one child and we were told that we are not permitted to adopt two girls at once because girls are in demand when it comes to adoption. Another trip to Kazakhstan??? Makharpat did steal our hearts. When we said good-bye to her she cried. We felt terrible. Luckily, a thoughtful caretaker distracted her with a toy truck and she seemed a little happier. We can assure you, though, we will never forget her little face.

We hugged our little Dana tightly after this experience. We are so lucky to have her! Dana is our beautiful little miracle and we are so ready to bring her home and give her a wonderful life!