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Wednesday, August 27th and Thursday, August 28th

We arrived at the Babyhouse at 10:30 a.m.  They brought Dana to us in the cutest pink outfit! Her caretaker handed her to us, she whimpered just for a minute and then was absolutely fine!!  It was like she suddenly thought to herself, “Why am I crying? These are the two who love to play with me and give me all those cool toys!” Our visit was glorious. We played with her on the floor for most of the time. Dana is eight months old. She sits up by herself and supports herself well when lying on her stomach. She doesn’t crawl yet and we worked on standing her up while we hold her hands. We can’t wait to get her home and really work on her development. She is extremely alert and has a great smile and laugh. When she drools and you try to clean her face, she takes the cloth away from you, wipes her own mouth and then throws the cloth on the floor. It’s so funny!

After our visit, we had a special treat. Dana’s caretaker took us and showed us where the babies sleep. Check out our photos and you’ll see all of the little cribs lined up in a row. Each crib was filled with an adorable baby. When the caretaker laid Dana down to sleep, she cried loudly waking up all of the other babies who all started crying. Donna calmed Dana down by rubbing her tummy. Dana took hold of Donna’s finger, grasped it tightly and fell asleep. Aaaahhh - what a mommy moment!

Thursday’s visit was equally terrific with Dana laughing and cooing throughout the visit. We are only permitted to visit her an hour and a half each day in the morning. Normally, the adoptive families get an afternoon visit too but it was cut out due to so many families adopting over the next two weeks at the Babyhouse. We were and still are very disappointed about this because we’ve come all this way and spend so little time with her each day. However, we adore the caretakers at the Babyhouse and understand that they simply don’t have the room to accomodate a lot of people visiting their children at once.

Our daily routine has been pretty much the same. We go out for breakfast, visit the Babyhouse, shop and have lunch at the Ramstore which is a small mall in Almaty that has everything you need. It even has an ice skating rink. We then come home and catch up on work or rest and later go out to dinner with our travel partners, Susan and David Kunhardt from California. They have two biological children (one in High School, one in College) and also adopted a three year old girl from Kazakhstan two years ago. They are currently adopting an adorable five year old boy! We are also having a great time with two other families from our adoption agency, Brenna and Steve from Georgia and Sharon and Bob from Connecticut.